LEAP Technology was created in 2013 to bridge the gap between Electroactive Polymer (EAP) technology and the applications that it can benefit. We therefore specialise in the development and integration of soft “Rubber” stretch sensors and actuators using this new disruptive and versatile EAP technology. We engineer solutions for your product by customising EAP components from our platform to work with your application.
We have over 30 years collective industrial experience with all aspects of design, development and testing of EAP sensors, actuators and energy generators. This is in addition to a relevant academic background meaning we have all the necessary research and engineering expertise; mechanics, electronics, software, modelling, experimentation, and process design. We also have a broad network within the international EAP community, meaning that LEAP Technology provide world leading expertise when it comes to the development of EAP based components.

Rahimullah Sarban, Ph.D.
Tel: +45 2337 6219

Alan Poole, Ph.D.
Tel: +45 2178 2231

Benjamin Thomsen, M.Sc.
Tel: +45 2244 7321