Bodily Sketching With Sensable Stretchables

Bodily Sketching With Sensable Stretchables

LEAP Technology are excited to be sponsoring this workshop which will be held at the Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI) conference in Eindhoven on the 14th to 17th February 2016. More information can be found here.

example applications

We’ll be creating new and exciting ways of using soft, deformable stretch sensors. The workshop will see participants familiarize themselves with, and create new applications exploiting the skin-like qualities of dielectric elastomer (DE) stretch sensors.

After introducing the technology through providing some easy to adapt examples, participants will be supported to express and test their ideas around stretchable interfaces in a maker session. Through attaching the stretchable sensors to their bodies using skin adhesive or by sewing to donor clothing, participants will explore design opportunities of stretchables, e.g. through making clothes interactive, developing body pose aware applications or through stretchable interactive objects.

The session will culminate in a design crit of participants’ application mock-ups and a discussion of opportunities for future interactive materials, garments, artefacts and environments. All workshop participants need to register for the main conference too.

More information about TEI is here.
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Workshop organisers:

Alan Poole
Alan is a trained product designer and has a commercial background and a PhD in mechanical engineering. He is now a co-founder of LEAP Technology, a company specialising in soft “rubber” sensors and their integration in high tech products.

Robb Mitchell
Robb is assistant professor, social interaction design at University of Southern Denmark. He has previously led hands-on workshops at conferences such as DRS, Participatory Innovation, and Service Design. In addition, he has organised many art and technology gatherings for New Media Scotland, and had founding roles in several making oriented interdisciplinary collectives including The Electron Club, and The Chateau, Glasgow.

Katrin Wolf
Katrin is a professor for Media Informatics at the BTK, the University of Art and Design in Berlin. Until recently, Katrin was a postdoctoral researcher in the Human Computer Interaction Group at the University of Stuttgart. She has worked widely with microgesture interaction, wearable interfaces, and interactive objects, in addition to several years of teaching and supervision experience.

Rahimullah Sarban
Rahim has an M.Sc. in Mechatronic Engineering and a Ph.D. in modelling and control from University of Southern Denmark. He is another co-founder of LEAP Technology, a company specialising in soft “rubber” sensors and their integration in high tech products.