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Imagine an extremely flexible sensor that will fit perfectly into your application, whether it being an industrial application, a wearable for sports performance, medical device, a rubber component, or any other thinkable and unthinkable application. We are specialized in Electroactive Polymers (EAPs) – a groundbreaking stretchable sensing technology. We offer high quality sensor solutions, based on EAP technology. Our form of EAP is dielectric elastomer, otherwise known as DEAP, DE or DEA. See technical explanation further down the page under "Core Technology"

The unique, superior functionality of the technology provides you with an extremely cost-efficient and optimal sensor solution that will provide you with accurate and valuable data. This could be about the performance of your application, a patient (human being or animal) or an athlete. Glue it onto a sail, sew it into clothing or medical devices, or build it into your machine, application, vehicle or whatever is relevant for you. Then, whatever system you have is generating its own performance data. A quantified application is a better application!   



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Apart from our standard stretch sensors and strain gauges, we offer special shapes and sizes, to fit your application perfectly. Contact us for more information or to get a quote. 





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Core Technology

The core EAP component comprises a Dielectric Elastomer film sandwiched between two deformable electrodes, thus forming a stretchable capacitor.

Dielectric elastomers

Low-cost materials, fast manufacturing techniques

In sensor mode, the change of EAP capacitance is measured when deformed by a human, machine, or structure.

Working principle - sensors

80% strain, 10 million cycles, µm resolution.

In actuator mode, application of an electrical stimulus (voltage) deforms the EAP resulting in a soft deformable electromechanical actuator.

Working principle - actuators

Low consumption, lightweight, highly customizable.

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