ElastiSense is a sister company to LEAP Technology and was established in 2016 with the purpose of developing a robust, flexible and cost-efficient IoT displacement sensor, ready for use in various industrial applications. The result of that development work was presented in 2020, in shape of the DS-Sensor 


The DS-Sensor distinguishes itself from competing sensor solutions, by being far more durable and resistant to external influences such as rain, snow, heat, cold, dust, oil, chemicals, dirt, etc. on top of that, the DS-Sensor is, by far, easier to install than any other comparable sensor on the market and it requires no maintenance or cleaning. 

The value promise from ElastiSense to the customers includes predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, damage prevention and the possibility to avoid expensive unplanned downtime. Summed up, the promise is really increased efficiency and thus higher profit. 

So far, the sensors have proven their value within Structural Health Monitoring, bridges in particular, Off-road Machinery, and Factory Automation, but at ElastiSense there is no doubt that DS-Sensors can ad value in any given application. Check out this video for more inspiration:


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