Proof of concept – Demonstrate your idea!
The services related to these projects are provided to companies who have some knowledge and experience with EAP technology and would like to assess its feasibility in their specific components, product(s) or platform. Typical tasks at proof of concept phase are:

Provided at the earliest stage of a proof of concept project. This service includes generation of ideas and brainstorming on the possibilities and benefits of using EAP technology into the specified product. Here a clear advantage of using EAP over other conventional transducer solution will be visualized.

Concept Design
Here, solutions using EAP transducers in a specific product will be conceptualized and conceptual sketches will be provided. Aesthetic models can also be produced at this stage. The outcome sets the framework of the rest of the proof of concept process on which subsequent development will be based.

Detailed Design of Concepts
This service quantifies the Concept Design and provides detailed CAD drawings, diagrams, specifications of EAP transducers, drive electronics, control units and software. Such is the nature of a new technology, this stage may also include design specific tests and experiments.

Functional Model Development
Detailed design and development and production of a set of models demonstrating functionality. This can include EAP transducers, drive electronics, control units, and software. The prototypes can then be evaluated in their host product or alone as required.

Functional Model Experimentation
Prototypes can also be tested by LEAP Technology. Their performance is analysed and compared to theory and specification, validating that the design is attainable. This service can include building your experimental setup with the necessary test instrument, carrying out the functional experiments and acquiring test data.

Project Management
This service is provided to manage and document all activities, resources and timelines of a feasibility project from initiation to completion.