Strain gauge technology for equine sports

LEAP Technology and equine sports

At LEAP Technology we have always had an eye on equine sports and vice versa. it is a fact that strain gauge technology has the ability to measure on a lot of different things on a human body, such as breathing, swelling, joint movement, or cardiovascular health monitoring. Turns out the animal world is equally relevant. in the video you will see an example of that, where a UK university have used LEAP Technology strain gauge technology, to monitor breathing on a race horse, and the effect different equine gait patterns have. It will help trainers understand and improve the performance of the horse in race conditions. The beauty of these unobtrusive sensors, is that the animal does not need to be trained to accept unfamiliar devices. As you can see in the video, the sensor is strapped around the chest, where the horse is used to having a saddle mounted. The sensor simply measures respiratory rate and lung volumes. No stress on the animal, which allows for genuine data and ensures safety for all involved. 

We have had several similar projects within equine sports, including projects with relaxation monitoring and cardiovascular health monitoring. 

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