The services related to product development are provided where the proof of concept phase is complete and EAP technology has been chosen for the application. The typical types of services related to product development are as follows:

Develop and provide analytical and/or finite element models of the concept or product in order to simulate its behaviour.

Fine tuning of the design and model to improve the EAP components' performance. This may also require validation models and testing.

Detailed Design
Full CAD documentation and manufacturing drawings of the product or component are produced in accordance with the optimized design. Diagrams or descriptions of drive electronics and software design is also included in this service

Manufacturing of the sub-components of the final products e.g. EAP transducers, drive electronics, control units, and software. All components are functionally identical to subsequent running production.

This service is provided to test, analyse and confirm the functionality and performance of the product. It includes building experimental setups with the necessary analysing devices and subsequently carrying out the functional, endurance, and safety tests of the product. The developed equipment can be part of a manufacturing setup if needed.

This service is provided to manage and document all activities, resources and timelines of a product development project from its initiation to completion.

Production Design
Provision of EAP specific handling, fabrication, manufacturing and storage knowledge to manufacturing companies