Industrial EAP products and evaluation samples

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  • Actuator kit

    EAP actuator evaluation kit. Ideal for characterising the technology and demonstrating its unique characteristics. Datasheet Kit - €1250 Includes protective cover and electrical connections. Plug and play.
  • Fully encapsulated rubber load sensor. Robust and resilient. Measure the force or pressure between two surfaces. Full kit – €550 Including one sensor and separate measurement electronics. Datasheet User Manual
  • Ideal for wearable motion capture and for monitoring the movements of soft structures. Full kit – €550 Including two sensors and separate measurement electronics. Datasheet User Manual
  • High voltage controller. Ideal for quick and easy characterisation and testing of EAP actuators. Manual and user defined output. Datasheet Kit - €450 Includes cables to the main supply. Plug and play.
  • For expanding your experiments or for connecting to your own electronics. Ideal for multiple force or pressure measurements Standalone sensors - €150 each Minimum order 1 pcs Datasheet
  • LEAP Technology stretch sensors can accurately measure stretch together with our sensor electronics module.  They are not affected by pressure and can be embedded onto/into other elastic and deformable materials for monitoring movement. Case example: our edema solution Their high elasticity and mechanical robustness make them ideal for wearable devices in healthcare, robotics, and sport performance applications.
    • Flexible, and conformable
    • Thin, and lightweight
    • Responsive
    • Highly customizable in shape and size
    • Scalable
    • Economical
    Standalone sensors - €65 each Minimum order 2 pcs Datasheet

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