Customized EAP for your application needs

From vision to product

LEAP Technology, as consultants, offer a range of services designed to utilize the unique characteristics of soft actuators and stretch sensors in your products.


We provide contextualized workshops concerning the utilization of EAP sensors and/or actuators in your application(s).
The intended result is to provide you with intimate understanding of EAP technology based on which we together specify your envisioned products efficiently, ensuring a realistic and cost efficient integration of EAP sensors and actuators in your products.
The workshop is provided by two employees from LEAP Technology at your site. – more details

Proof of concept

To build confidence in the performance of the technology in your application, and provide context to bring its value to life, we provide proof of concept project services including fabrication of functional demonstrators. These projects are a cost effective evaluation of the technology prior embarking on a more cost heavy product development. – more details

Product development

Having confirmed all performance parameters of the technology in your application, we embark on development with all the skills needed to realise a manufactured component ready for integration into your product. – more details

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