Rubber components

Many rubber components or components made from other polymer materials are sensible to catastrophic failure or potentially critical to the performance of the products. Therefore, it can be very beneficial to be able to monitor performance drops or structural failures in these components.

Historically, this has been challenging because polymer components often have complex shapes or are assembled in places that are difficult to access with a typical sensor. Current sensor technologies are often too expensive or are impractical to manufacture.

Stretch Sensors and Strain Gauges from LEAP Technology are recognised by their ability to be embedded onto/into other elastic and deformable materials, such as rubber or other polymer materials, for monitoring movement. The sensors can be embedded into the application, or even sewed, glued or clamped onto the application. Their high elasticity and mechanical robustness make them ideal for all sorts of rubber components.

If you are in the rubber industry or have rubber components integrated into your application or product, and see the value in monitoring the performance, do not hesitate to reach out and ask what we can do for you 

For inspiration, check out this video: